Thermal Imaging

What Is Thermal Imaging?

A lot of information comes from the Blower Door Testing, but there’s nothing like a visual to see where those air leaks are. 

As part of our thorough diagnostics for your home’s energy efficiency, we use a thermal imaging camera to capture the temperature difference between the inside and outside of your home. 

When the temperature difference between the inside is greater than 10 degrees, the camera captures the heat differential. 

Instead of wasting money on something you don’t need, or having your walls and ceilings opened to try and find the problem, this is a fantastic way to identify areas where there might be a lack of insulation or air leakages.

Thermal image of house

The Perfect Solution

Less Invasive

We use only the latest technology to identify common problems in your home. Our thermal imaging leaves your home virtually untouched.


We know life is busy, you don't have time to be waiting hours or weeks to identify the problem. We pride ourselves on a rapid turnaround.

Thorough Report

As part of your thorough report, you’ll also get images from the camera, so that you can see and address the areas of greatest concern.

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Schedule with us today, find your problem tomorrow. 

More Than Just Thermal Imaging



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